[Anim Dynamics] How to set up a springy antenna

Hey guys,

I’m currently trying to set up a dynamic joint chain that simulates a springy antenna in Unreal. I’m trying to use the Anim Dynamics system in the animation blueprint.

I’m looking for something that kind of looks like this:

I used Maya’s follicle system to get the behavior that I was looking for.

Basically I don’t want any bones to translate. I would like a system that rotates a bone based on the speed that the animation is moving in. I would also like a spring so that when the skeletel mesh is as rest, the antenna will spring back to an upright position. I tried following the documentation and the Paragon demonstration and found that this implementation seems to work with chains swaying with gravity. Does this approach also apply to something like my use case?

I tried taking advantage of the angular constraints and angular springs in the Anim Dynamics node but with no results. I tried I tried using using linear limits and constraints and I see results but they only drag the bones’ positions around which is not the effect that I’m looking for.

Is it possible to use anim dynamics to get stiff antenna effect with a spring?

Thank you!!!

For lightweight costs I would go with this one
Simulating the full ragdoll physics is stuupid expensive.