Anim Curves aren't displayed under the Animation tab

Hello to everyone,I’m following the tutorial “Facial Animation & More In Unreal Engine 4 - 3D Animation\4. Setting Up Your Character In Unreal Engine 4” that I have found on udemy. At a certain point the author clicked on the Animation tab and the “Anim Curves” appeared. But in my situation they aren’t. I’m using Version: 4.22.2-6574378+++UE4+Release-4.22…

this is how it looks my situation :

this is how the situation of the author looks like :

Did you have Import morph target ticked when importing the character mesh?

yes,I remember that U did this at the beginning. So,I should be repeated all the steps.


I repeated all the steps from the beginning and I have recorded what I did. It does not work. Can you give a look here ? thanks.

Oh, this might just be that you haven’t opened the Anim curves window. The empty one in your screenshot is the Details window, super easy to confuse.

Click Window in the top left and tick Anim Curves. Hopefully this is the solution.

hahaahha nice. it works. yeah,it’s confusing…