Anim BP w/ Child Actor

Hello, I am working currently on a project which is a third Person shooter and am stuck at the part where the weapons fall into play, since weapons are a really big thing in the shooter I need some help with this one.

I am currently using the Weapon Component from the UE Market Place and was wanting to add weapon reloading and firing animations. With that said I am also wanting it to replicate on a multiplayer server so all the clients can see the animations as well. For the weapons I am using the Ironbelly m9 along with other weapons purchased from that company.

I have come the the conclusion that I am going to need to use a Animation Blueprint for the task of weapon reloading and firing animations. I have the animations all set up and in order along with the casting for the variables needed to start the animations once the player hits the key to do so (i.e R for reload) I have the casting all done to the certain class but the object node on the cast node always fails when i plug in try get pawn owner. And I cant think of anything else. The blueprint that I am casting to is a child actor and inside the bp is a skeletal for the weapon and a collision component.

Any Help will be appreciated :smiley:

found the answer, for the cast to BP_ParentWeapon use get owning actor instead of try get pawn