Anim BP corrupt

My anim bp corrupted when ue crashed during a save.

When I open it in the editor it says
The Anim Blueprint could not be loaded because it is corrupt.

Im able to export it as a .COPY file with asset action but Im not sure how to reimport the .copy file.

Anyone have any ideas how to fix the uasset file or import the .copy file? or any other ideas?

Its a long bp

Whoops, it was suppose to be 4.9,

Yea when I export the uasset it allows you to save as .copy or .t3d
when you try and import either of those files it says unknown extension.

It exports the file in text object form, here is a sampling

Begin Object Class=AnimBlueprint Name="Player_Anim_BP2"
   Begin Object Class=AnimationGraph Name="AnimGraph"
      Begin Object Class=AnimGraphNode_StateMachine Name="AnimGraphNode_StateMachine_1"
         Begin Object Class=AnimationStateMachineGraph Name="Movement"

The joys of using Preview products.
So the normal “Import” button doesn’t work for you?

Not sure how relevant this answer will be considering how old this question is, but I had a similar issue. I just closed the project, deleted the binaries folder, and then opened the project again. Fixed the corruption


Thanks this worked for me as well.

Note: Unreal Engine v5.0.1

Thank you so much for this “late” answer!