Anim Blueprint not entering walking->crouching transistion while walking

When my character is stationary and i press ctrl it crouches, speed goes to 200 and when i release it, it uncrouches, speed goes to 600. Like it should be.

BUT: When my character is walking(holding w) and i press ctrl: speed goes to 200 but it keeps using the idle/run blendspace.

What am i doing wrong here, it should also enter the transition while walking, shouldn’t it?

note: both idle/run and crouch are using 2d blendspaces

i have been looking for the anwser for ages now, and this is the the only kinda similar issue i found:


Have a look at how they setup the walk to crouch state in the animation starter pack, I think you will find the answer there.

I tried doing it like it was set up in the example, but when i release ctrl while walking it is still trying to blend walking and crouching somehow.

Now i separated walking idle and crouching idle from the blendspaces like in the animation starter pack, and it works in the preview window, but ingame it’s still trying to blend them :confused:

I have been looking for the anwser for a while now, the weirdest part is, that it works in the animation starter pack and in the preview window, but not ingame.