Anim blueprint linking blending transition


Ive been trying to use the Anim layer linking feature and was wondering if there is a way to blend the transition between 2 linked anim layer.
From what i can see if i swap the layer for anohter one it is instant

in case it wasn’t clear, i am talking about this feature.

i wonder if there is a feature that does it automatically or some trick to save the pose before the swap and blend.

thank you.

Only Inertialization blend is supported now,
In your anim blueprint, select the layer that you want to set the blend options:

and don’t forget to add this node to your graph:



Been having the same issue and you basically said the solution.
Unlinking a layer made my character Tpose before coming out of the state they were in. Using save pose snapshot when i want to come out of the state and using the snapshot on the anim layer graph that’s on the main Animbp gave me a smooth transition.

Despite the Input pose being disconnected, I can still receive animation through it.