Angular Motor ignores swing/twist limits in contraints, right?

When I set just two cubes and one constraint, then set angular limits and a motor, then the angular limits are ignored.

Example: all angular limits to 10degrees. Motor orientation target to 40degrees. The constraint moves to 40degrees and does not stop at 10degreees.

Hi dev100000,

Could you post some screenshots of your Component setup and the Details panel of the PhysicsConstraint Component?

just blank project, two cubes from starter content, one constraint and setting the constraint up in details.

Hi dev100000,

This is working as intended. The Angular Orientation Drive will override the limits and allow the orientation to be set regardless. If you want it to keep those limits but have the object always forced in that direction, try using the Angular Velocity Drive instead.



quite easy to still have limits. I just clamped the input orientations in blueprint. That works.