Angular limits problem

Hey, I am creating this thread just to somehow show what is happening since I am not able to record any video right now and I have no idea how to share assets via forums.
So my goal is to create a car, which upon getting hit to the side will open its doors and they will then simulate physics still attached to the car body like on a hinge. Skeletal mesh is car body and wheels. Doors are separate static meshes.
To do this, I have decided to attach them via constraints, lock every possible movement and then via blueprint enable one axis around which they will twist. I made action event so I do not actually need someone to hit me. The blueprint:

How I set the physics constraints:
Upon triggering the blueprint to free one axis., the doors go in and out of the vehicle. Obviously it is normal thing that needs only a little bit of tweaking, like in this text tutorial., But Step 7 is not working in 4.11 (4.10 is). So I think the angular limits are bugged (not only not visible but you are not changing the point they are facing to apply the limit no matter how you rotate component ) and after rotation, the component rotates, but limits are looking the same way as before , the doors are still behaving the same like you did not rotate anything . So I tried to use angular offset which works when you want the doors to be free from the very beginning of playing. and you get in game the desired effect of 90 degrees rotation (a bit too much for doors to open but you get the point :D)ce9fdaf75732eb5ccd8ee785233961db644dceed.jpeg, but since I want it to be working as I said, at first everything locked and then one axis free, we can try to lock everything and keep offset. and we will get this result I just hit play, and nothing else. No blueprint triggered. So this is what I am trying to explain for quite a while. I hope some of you understand. I have really shi**y computer and I cannot record videos of unreal at the moment. The only recording program that was able to capture it has expired.(DEMO). Nevermind, cheers.