Angular limits cannot be set properly

Hey everyone.
I have built vehicle, where I attached doors with physics constraints. I have everything working but when I tried to set one angular limit to 45 degrees I was unable to tell the constraint to which side it should be looking and then applying the limit. In picture 1 you see what I want to be it like only.

But obviously when I simply set the limit to 45 degrees it has to go on the other side as well.

, which would not be any problem but no matter how I turn the constraints in viewport it is still the same. I tried to change offset which works, but it twists the doors as well. [In this link][3] the Step 7 is what I need to do. But not only I cannot see the visualization of angular limits, it does not even do anything. I hope it is really bug and not only me sucking at this :D. Right now update was released so I hope there will be some hotfix to this. Thank you.

Is there a way how to do it like 0 to 45 degrees instead of -45 to 45 degrees?

Hey there,
yea I’ve tried to do something similar in 4.10 and with visualizers on it is way easier to understand it, but the thing is, in 4.11 it does not seem like visualizers not showing is the only issue, in 4.10 I could see them of course and just by rotating physics constraint as component itself, not Angular Rotation Offset, but just rotation just like any other, I was able to turn the limit as well, which in 4.11 is not happening. I can make it work too with angular offset but the doors are first locked on every axis and during runtime I change the Swing1 to limited with 45 degrees, thats where the offset means nothing to me and what I really need is to tell the constraint where it should be facing to limit the doors from -45 to 45 degrees. As I wrote all I need is the Step 7 in this tut to be working Physics Constraint Component User Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation . I would like to give you all my assets but how can I provide you this? I did not have to share any of my work so far with anyone so sorry about this.

Hi Ligazetom,

The Angular Rotation Offset is what you would use to adjust this. Make sure to using the correct axis (roll, pitch, yaw) for your asset. I got this working in a test project by adjusting the Yaw. But like I said, depending on the orientation of your asset, yours may be different.

We do have a bug report in for the missing Angular visualizers. They were in and working properly in 4.10 but disappeared in 4.11. You could always import your asset into 4.10 and use the visualizers there to help set it up, then duplicate those settings in 4.11.

If you still have issues getting this to working, please feel free to post a test asset for me to work on. You could also PM me a link directly to download it over the Forums.



My set up is as follows:
Imported skeletal mesh-car body and wheels as one
Imported static meshes-doors
Created vehicle blueprint-basics of vehicle tutorial

Now you should have moving carbody and wheels with some basic animation

Open vehicle blueprint and add physics constraint component. Parent in the socket for the position where doors should be (socket added in skeleton tree,i ve added bone in the position in 3d software before export)
Parent the doors to the same socket.
Click the constraint component and write the name of the doors mesh to the first column and write “Mesh” to the second, as a reference to the car body (it does not show that rectangle but it works for me that way,so the constraint is following the car while moving)
Set all possible movements to locked. (Both linear and angular). Simulate physics on doors and enable collision.
Now whenever you move ingame with car,the doors should move with it nice and precise without any wiggle.
Create action event,and in eventgraph for the car make upon pressing the key to set swing1 to limited with 45 degrees limit. It is just a test,i will change the trigger event later as i want the doors to be free when someone hit the car from side. So upon pressing the key the doors should be able to go 45 degrees in and out of the vehicle. I want them to go only outside which should be done by rotating constraint itself,but that is not working as you can rotate it however you want the doors will be still moving the same way And if you set angular offset, it will either twist the doors before you push the key to release them or do nothing.

As I mentioned above, you could PM me a link directly to download it over the Forums.

If you are uncomfortable doing that, I can upload the test project I created where I added a ‘door’ to the Advanced Vehicle template. Just let me know which you prefer.

I am so sorry. I just don’t know what to give you or how. I can give you everything I have created so far, but I cannot upload it to forums can I. By asset, you mean only meshes, or whole blueprint?.. I think I will not bother you anymore with this, thank you for your help :slight_smile: I will just hope there will be some fix to this :). I know you made it work so the doors are moving only on the outside of the vehicle. I understand that and I also know how to do it, but when you first want them to stay in place and let them loose during runtime, that is not possible in this state, at least I am not able to do it in 4.11. I can make images :smiley: