Angular gradient problem when extract from texture

Hello, everyone,

I have a png texture looks like as below:


above snapshot was taken from Texture Editor, only toggle on Channel Green and Alpha:

In Texture Editor, it use sRGB configuration:

What I want your guys’ help is:

In a material, how can I combine the channel algorithm to get a node just preview like it is in the first picture?

I tried this method (from a youtube video):

but as you see, the preview of subtract had red value. Not I want.

Use UE4 version 4.26 to try all of these.

It’s just the preview that’s red, it’s a 4.26 thing. Have you tried plugging that into the material?

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Oh, I though it was wrong when I saw red channel like thing.

Try to plug other nodes , seems you are right. Thanks.

But still some problems,

I test some values (in my material, the name “Percent”), seems the angular gradient output isn’t right. For example, in the picture above , when I use 0.5 (50%)percent, output value seems still has 0.7(70% percent part of whole visible arc bar) to 0.8. Am I missing sth?

Not quite sure what you’re trying to do with the IF node…