Angular damping regardless of body settings and body is not moved when applied small linear forces without applying angular ones

Hello. I have several problems with a physical body:

  1. With body rotation - its angular velocity is being dampened despite angular damping being set to 0.
  2. With linear movement - applying small forces will not move the body unless it has angular velocity.
  3. If you enable gravity and apply small forces, gravity will be dampened in a weird way.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create an empty project.
  2. Create an empty level.
  3. Add an empty actor.
  4. Add Box Collision to the actor above, check ‘Simulate Physics’, set ‘Angular Damping’ to ‘0.0’, uncheck ‘Enable Gravity’, uncheck ‘Hide in game’.
  5. On the BeginPlay event, add 180.0 degrees angular impulse as velocity on the Box Collision Component.
  6. On Tick, print debug text with angular velocity.
  7. Observe how angular velocity is decreasing.
  8. Disconnect the angular impulse node, add ‘AddForce’ node to OnTick event and apply 15.0 on X-axis as velocity, print linear velocity vector length.
  9. Observe shaky linear movement. If you reconnect the angular velocity impulse, everything works as expected.
  10. Enable Gravity. Observe the same result as in point 8.
  11. Remove the ‘AddForce’ node. Observe that the body reacts to gravity as expected now.

Is there an issue I can track for the fix?

Verified this is not an issue in UE4.