Angry Ginger Santa - 2D Physics, UMG, Blueprints only game. (Android)

I’m working on a 2D physics game called Angry Ginger Santa made only in Blueprints.
This is a solo project, it means that i’m doing Logic, GFX and SFX by myself.

What is this game about?
As an Angry Ginger Santa, you need to destroy all the presents to prevent them to be delivered to good kids.
You got 3 weapon types available: Timed Bomb Gift, Timed Multi Bomb Gift, Anti Gravity Bomb Gift.

This is the current state of the game after almost 30 days of work.
Projected release date: before 15th of December.
Platform: Android.

What is done so far:

  • Core features and logic (Gameplay, Gamestate, Save and Load, Achievements, Leaderboards, Weapons, Fire propagation, etc.)
  • Menus (UMG)
  • Some graphics.

Things needed to be done:

  • 10-20 level designs.
  • Improved graphics.
  • Music and sound effects.

I’m also planning to release the project on the marketplace, if anyone will be interested.
Let me know what you think.

Early gameplay video.

Conveyor System BP


Just in time for the holidays! At first I thought this reminds me of another “Angry” game but by the end I got a good chuckle and thought this is different enough to stand on it’s own. Hope you can release it the market place, I look forward to playing!

Thanks for the good words!

New video:
Current Generator gameplay.

The first part of video, when you go trhough store and main menù, it’s all made on the HUD blueprint?

I made it in UMG, i use HUD blueprint only to display projectile path.

Ok, thank you, I’m trying to make the same type of menù, i’ll go look to that UMG.

Game music preview.


Hi. Here’s progress summary.

  • Done sounds and music.
  • Simplified collisions and decreased overlap events (due to bad performance).

I’m starting alpha tests. Anyone willing to participate send me PM with your e-mail.

can you be more specific about the bad performance issue ? ty for sharing

Many (more than 10-15) overlapping and colliding objects combined with very simple particle effects can slow down my phone (LG L90) to less than 20 fps. I don’t know why sorry.

Newest gameplay video.

Great work so far. I found some of the presents just “disappearing” when hitting the ground a little distracting. Then later in the video, other presents left stars behind that fade out when destroyed. Would like to see that uniform across all destructed presents (or at least the ones that aren’t blown up).

Hi Steve, i wanted to visualize somehow when presents hit the presents hole in the ground that they aren’t giving points anymore so i didn’t feel to add stars particles. But you got the point, i’ll add the stars particles to make the effects consistent.

I also uploaded Block types gameplay relations video.

Gif with the wind emitters.

So i finished developing the game. Angry Ginger Santa will be released on 10-11th December.

Gameplay Trailer

Super cool! The UI team is pretty excited to see this one since it is the first published game heavily featuring UMG. We’ll be sure to give it a play.

Great! Let me know what you think and if you wanna take a look at the project send me PM.

Release thread: