Angled images/textures are not flush

Images which are perfectly flush appear rough and miss-aligned when angled. I’ve tried different settings in the texture editor but none seem to work?

Any suggestions/help would be much appreciated.

I’ve attached an edited image.

It’s hard to tell what’s going on in the picture. It looks like a series of different meshes that aren’t welded together, so a very small gap is to be expected.

Sorry, I probably haven’t given enough detail. The original attachment shows a background image which is created using eight 2D textures (Teal and red gradient slices) which animate onto the screen, sliding in from the top and bottom.

I’ve attached two more images showing the background before and after it is angled in the UMG widget. Hopefully this will help explain whats happening


I’ve mistakenly posted more detail to this issue as an answer instead of replying to your comment, so I don’t know if you will receive it?.

Ah, I don’t know anything about the UMG, so I can’t really help you. Sorry :frowning: