angle rotation

Im trying to make a Speedometer but my needle isn’t rotating correctly how can i change it?

Umg rotation - Screen capture - 1a596e6d5eeb4030752f88427963f757 - Gyazo

Photoshop rotation - Screen capture - c402f5186f157bbba405194b15004fc0 - Gyazo

After i move my rotation point to the circle part of the needle it rotates how it should do in Photoshop how can i do this in umg?

The pivot settings are just below the slider you’re using.

i tried that i set my pivot to x:4.73 y:6.21 same as my Photoshop pivot settings but it rotates like this - Screen capture - 907f1593a2ec2abe20d333aa2605893f - Gyazo

Keep the pivot between 0-1

Or to make your life easy, create the original image with the needle pointing straight up and starting from the middle of the image. This way, you do not need to adjust the pivot at all. The base of the needle will be your pivot.