Andy Shauf - Clove Cigarette (making a film with Unreal and Point Clouds)

Hey guys! I made this comissioned music video for Andy Shauf a few months ago, and despite owing EVERYTHING to the unreal community and developers for making it possible, I’m ashamed to say I never formally shared it. It’s been getting some consistent buzz since it came out, and NoFilmSchool interviewed the team and I about our process if you’re curious. I’m super happy to talk some more about it if anyone wants to know the gritty details of making this one-take-wonder. I’ve thought that maybe the dev team might be interested in seeing how their (relatively) new point cloud implementation was being used in the real world. Let me just say I love it and I’m so glad it exists. More cool projects coming soon! I’ll try to be a more active member of the community as Unreal becomes more and more a part of my core filmmaking toolset.