Android vr

Hi all, I have seen applications for android where you can walk or play in virtual environments using Homido type glasses. I have seen these applications can be made in UNITY , but not if it is possible to do this for EU4 .


VR works OK in Unity 4 (the even less free version). I too and waiting on Android VR in UE, but for now I’m stuck with Unity :frowning:

Hi all,

I just wanted to point out that with the 4.7 release the Unreal Editor now supports development with the GearVR headset. My experience with both is small, however, so i don’t know if the GearVR support could be extended out to include the Homido headset you’re wanting to use. If not, I can put in a feature request to have it included some time in the future. Lemme know what you think, and thanks for the feedback!

wittlief thanks for your comments

I wanted to comment that at this time in the company I work , we are developing immersive architectural models for the sale of apartments . The problem is that even virtual reality devices in my country are very few not so high end cell .
that is why we are using Unity for this , but this involves rendering in 3ds max elements and include them in Unity and then re-render in Unity , as the quality of the lighting is very low.

I apologize for the language , I’m using Google translator

wittlief, it would be really great if the GearVR plugin was extended to work on regular Android devices, not only if plugged on GearVR, as it would also work with Google Cardboard.
I don’t know how the plugin is implemented, but to have a VR project from a regular Android project, it is necessary to have a side-by-side screen to simulate the 3d environment and also to use the phone sensors to change the point of view of the observer.
There is already an ongoing discussion on this topic: Google VR? - VR and AR Development - Unreal Engine Forums and so there are some demo implementations and some ideas of how to do it.

Hi all,

Thank you for linking that thread RFL, that actually contains the most up to date info we have for VR devs with respect to using the GearVR plugin for Cardboard. I do know that Cardboard was one of the projects next on the list after GearVR support was entirely complete, which unfortunately has not happened yet. Keep an eye on that thread as it has had Epic staff response and it is being monitored. Thanks for all your interaction with other users, it really helps a lot!

Great news, official Google Cardboard support seems to be coming to the engine!

See here:

It looks like the existence of a new “AndroidVR” (Google Cardboard) plugin was leaked in the breakdown of the latest 4.12 Preview 3 release notes.

This note has since been pulled.

It is slated that the Google Cardboard SDK will be relaunched as AndroidVR this coming Google IO.

From the looks of it, AndroidVR looks to be a collaboration of sort between Epic Games and Google.


i dont understand what it means, i dont want to buy anything else, i just want to force VR view in UE without having any HMDs connected (for streaming to android device, mounted with CardBoard, for example). Or that thing from ver4.12p3 is something different?

Edit: i guess that “AndroidVR” is a different thing, but i have found workarounds, that i need.

Hey, google IO is in 3 days, there was a new “Android VR” section in the play store, are we going to see some early adoption or is it going to take more time? Carboard 2.0 is basically confirmed, with the button instead of the magnet :slight_smile: