Android VR archviz interior question

while using my VR cardboard with android VR deployed from unreal How to add a moving trace point where i can just point at the place i wanna go and then move to that point without any controllers , using only my eyes pointing as a direction movement , and what is it the same way they develop it for the VR still images to point with ur eye to a point and then get transfered inside the next 360 vr rendered images as moving from the living to the bathroom fro example .

Happy new year Graphico,

I would use a linetrace to get the location where the “player” is looking at. Then check if the player is looking for a certain timespan at this location and use it to teleport him to that location. Just keep in mind to add some tolerance to the location because the player head will be moving a bit (I think)

Hope this will give you a little hint how to solve your problem :wink: