Android Volume Up/Down issues (Gear VR)

Still using 4.12.5

Basically if I press a key while on PC in PIE (for testing), it works as expected. However on the device (although using Gear VR), volume buttons fire release even almost immediately after volume button is pressed. Basically if I press and hold volume up or down on Gear VR, I get up and down events fired in continuous alternating cycle.

Here is my BP:


Here is the video of what it looks like on the device:

The bar shouldn’t disappear as long as I keep up or down button pressed. It doesn’t disappear while I key a key pressed on PC, it also doesn’t disappear if I rapidly press volume up or down on Gear VR (so that interval is so short that condition Android Sound Volume Pressed is always true). Yet it does, which leads me to believe that right after I press the volume button on Gear VR, release even is fired momentarily.

Does it sound like a bug?

Bumpy bump

You are hiding the volume bar immediately on release so it does what you told it to do. You need to set a timer on release to do the hide if you don’t get another press before it fires.

Before I release physical button on Gear VR it gets hidden. And it would be only possible if engine (or SDK?) auto-releases the button without me physically releasing it.

here is my blueprint for showing and hiding of the volume control:
FYI: in 4.13 none of this is needed it’s all done out of the box :wink:


Aye, I am just trying to understand why my BP doesn’t work (learning BP by solving issues I already have, even if I’ll have to ditch that BP after all) :slight_smile:

Plus FMOD still hasn’t released updated plugin, so I can’t use 4.13

fair enough, I took a look at your blueprint and it looks ok in general but my guess is it’s the branch in SetAndroidVolumeBar_Visible - this check might not need to be there? And that way the pressed variable will be set to true everytime again on a fast repress of the button, so the first delay on the first unpress will not meet the branch condition. Either way with timing stuff you want to control it’s often better to use an actual timer node than a delay.


At this time I am concerned about auto-release on Android. On PC it works fine (if I press and hold a key, the bar goes up or down and doesn’t get hidden). On the device if I press and hold up or down volume button, the bar gets hidden in 2 sec, without me ever releasing button physically. It gets hidden after 2 sec, then shown again, then hidden again, then shown again, rinse-repeat. So while my BP might be faulty when it comes to “release” state, if “release” doesn’t happen (with my finger still pressing the button) - it should not be hidden.

So, it sound like bug to me and I just want Epic to either confirm or deny it.

The volume key auto repeats so you get a release followed up press while you’re holding the button down.

Oh, so it’s not a bug but rather intended behavior. Totally odd. Thanks for clarifying.