Android Volume Buttons Disabled

I cannot find a reason why this should happen… can someone help? am with Google cardboard plugin ENABLED, on arm64, maybe those are the reason? i didn’t had any issue on other projects…am on 4.18.3

I’ve tried the use from Lowe Entry Plugin, but that’s not a solution, it just alters the sound class volume.
Is there a way make those volume buttons work?

i had no issues on earlier ue4 versions

Thank you!

Same here. Have you tried other ue4 versions? 19 / 20 ?

I’ve tried both 4.19 and 4.20 the problem is the same. The issue is visible when you package an Android project with Google VR plugin. Without it volume buttons work.

To reproduce create a blank project , enable google.vr plugin, and package for any Android format.

Any workaround? Epic or someone??? On 4.20 with google.vr I cannot even control volume buttons to perform other tasks, on 4.18 at least this was working…


ue 4.20.2, volume controls on google vr cardboard builds,dont works.