Android version builds so slow

Hey folks!

Yesterday I bought UE4, then i realized Android version builds extremely slow, even if the map is nearly empty. (It took more then a hour.) My PC has an i5-3570K and 8 gigs of ram, so the problem is stg else. Is there any workaround or fix for that?

If you don pick texture format, the packer will convert textures to few different fromats thats why it might take things longer

Howdy abydos,

Thank you for reporting this issue. Would you be able to share your DXdiag for your PC?

Also, Which Android device are you currently deploying to and what OS is the device on?

Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day!

I build it whit: File → Package Project → Android → Android (All) So the device is does not matter, btw i use a Xiaomi Hongmi 1S whit miui v5 based on 4.3.

Thank You

What is your current GPU?

ASUS HD7770-2GD5

Just a couple more questions:

  • What template are you using to build your project (First-Person, Third-Person, etc,)?
  • What version of UE4 are you currently using?

I have attempted to packaging the First person template and only had to wait around 3 minutes. This is a very unfamiliar error.


“Blueprint Vehicle”

I tried it on another PC too, and i have same problem.
(AMD FX 6300 3.5Ghz, HD7850 2GB, 8GB RAM)

Thanks for you help!

Hey abydos,

For your Dxdiag, Can you pull it up again, Select the Save all information, and send me the text file that way? It would be the best way for me to attach it to an email.


Are you using a specific way to package your Android Device? (ex: ETC1, ATC, All) If you are using the all feature. It may take significantly longer then when packaging for a specific model. What device are you attempting to build for?

Also, is this the basic template or is the level very large?


Hello Sean,

Okay, this is my second PC, but the problem is same (The AMD FX’s pc). Unfortunately I could not find your email address. link text

Thank You!

If you package a second time, do you see a significant difference in times? Also, If you package for ETC1, does it still take around an hour to package the project.


Nevermind, saw that you had it listed above

No, its same. :frowning:
I think a possible reason is the .obb file size is more then 2GB. oO
Whit DXT “only” ~500MB.

Would you be able to send your project over to me in a zip file so that I may test the issue on my end? You could attach them here or you could send me a private message through the forums.


Is it slow the second time, or only the first? The first time will be much slower, especially if you are doing Android (All). However, after that, it should be much faster - especially with a project you are just starting on.

Thank you!

I think, that was my fault. I migrated lot of assets from other sample project (vehiclegame, shooter game) and I don’t delete them.

Now working correctly, the build is time not a FTL speed, but not bad.

Thank You again!

Hey abydos,

Thank you for responding back. I am going to close out this issue for Tracking Purposes. If you see this issue occur again in the future, please be sure to reopen this post so that I may further investigate,

Thanks and have a great day!