Android turn off OnlineSubsytem GooglePlay problem

Hi 2 all!
Help me please with my case: i have custom jar lib, that uses lib of purchases IInAppBillingService.aidl
And Engine has this lib too. When a try to build apk, there are ant errors, because my jar duplicate this lib. How i can turn off this in engine without deleting it rigth from build?I torn off in androidengine.ini of engine this onlinesubsystem, but its not enough( to delete it from my jar - a have no permissions, its company tool, and i have no rights to rebuild this jar)

I’m not aware of any way to prevent it from being included without modifying the engine. You could try going into Engine\Build\Android\Java\JavaLibs and actually deleting google-play-services_lib_rev19 folder and see what happens. There’ll probably be errors caused by other Java classes that depend on it and you’ll need to sort them out.

Hi ExtraWert,

This is in the Engine/Build/Android/Java/src/com/android/vending/billing. It is used for in-app purchases. You can try removing it from there if it is included in your custom jar.

question is solved)In AndroidPluginLanguage i’m added new tag to delete files from result build, and use it before copy my jars to he bild in _APL file of my module

Oh, I didn’t think of using the APL to remove UE4 files. Clever!