Android Tilt Help Please! (Left/Right Only)


For a good few months now I still don’t know how to make my 2D character in my 2D game move left and right when you tilt the phone left and right only. I have used various blueprints from the site but the character moves left and right if you tilt the phone forwards and back. As my game is being used on mobile devices in a portrait position this is a key issue. I can’t release my game until this is fixed and no one has found a solution in over 4 months :frowning: I have Gravity/Tilt/Accelerate/RotationRate and various blueprints but have idea on there to go from here.

Thanks for reading!

Hello could you solve your problem mate??

Thanks in advance

I need this badly too!

Would like to know more too

I’m stuck on this too!

I’m currently trying to get something similar working, except I want it to do absolute orientation mapped from the device orientation, so it’s like you’re looking through the screen at the world as you turn your body, holding the device in front of you. Little bit different but having similar issues.