Android textures not fully loading in Render target

Hi all,

I’m having issues with textures when I load my game on android, I’m not really sure what’s going on here if I have missed a setting or I’m doing something stupid, it looks like it’s not fully loading the textures.

Windows looks like:
Which is the way I expect it to look.

Android, however, looks like:

All the textures are 2048x2048

I’m really not sure why it’s doing it, the device I am using is Samsung Galaxy S10
Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks.

I have created a separate level and deployed a model to it and all the texture load correctly, so now I’m thinking perhaps its something to do with the render target.

Wait… render targets work on mobile? :smiley:
Didn’t knew that, but that could be the issue ofc

1st: try lowering the resolution of your render target 2048x2048 is a lot!
2nd: change the capture soure
3rd: disable mipmaps on the building’s textures and see if it changes

I am not sure render targets are fully supported on mobile. How do you show this without your phone running at 100% ?
Why not prerender it or solve it in a different way?

Thanks, I opted for a different approach in the end. Nothing I done fixed this, perhaps like you said not fully supported.