Android support for steering wheels, HOTAS, etc.

I recall that current support for steering wheels, pedals, HOTAS, etc. that is coming with 4.15 is Windows only (per Epic’s stream).

Can we please have this extended to Android in UE 4.16 ?

Thanks beforehand

Are there any that work with Android? I would think that is a niche market and unlikely to receive attention.

That’s going to be a huge market once people can play racing / flight games on Gear VR and Daydream using proper input devices.

To be fair, wheels/HOTAS/etc. for PC is already niche marker and yet support was added to UE4 anyway. So, let’s not discriminate, please :wink:

That seems really unlikely
Plus, I can’t find any hardware like that made for Android, so it doesn’t seem like there’s a market for it in the first place

What makes you such an expert on what’s likely to happen and what’s unlikely to happen? Back in time gamepads for mobile devices were thought of as a joke. Now it’s a big business. VR naysayers were dismissing VR. Now 100k of people used PSVR for RE7 and and there are 5M of Gear VR units in the wild.

You can use USB OTG cable and connect USB controller to Android device (mostly talking about Galaxy S6/S7/S8, Gear VR 2016 and probably Daydream phones).

It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out–HOTAS is a niche market for PC, why would it be a big market for a device where those types of games are even less popular and is designed to be mobile which is something that the HOTAS hardware is not designed to be?

Also, that’s a hack, that’s not hardware designed for Android, there’s no reason for UE4 to support that type of setup.

So, you are agreeing that market for PC is niche, and yet it wasn’t a big deal for Epic to implement support for niche hardware. Why is it a problem with doing the same for Android ? It will as niche as PC, so what’s the problem ?

Hardware is designed to be used through USB port. All you need is for OS to support it, whether it’s Linux, Android, MacOS or Windows. Apparently Android hardware and OS support it. So, if UE4 supports it too, there woould be no problem making racing and flight games for mobile VR.

Note that I am not asking for C# support. I am asking to extend existing system for another platform.

On PC the market would be much bigger than it is on mobile, plus the hardware is designed for that market. Also, that kind of hardware is more popular with people that are pretty serious gamers which likely aren’t interested in stuff on mobile since it’s not going to be as good as what they can get on PC. As for VR support–if you’re using the GearVR then you can’t plug in another USB device so there’s no way to connect it with that headset unless someone makes Bluetooth hardware for Android. Having a cord going to the headset would be pretty bad as well since being wireless is one of the advantages of those headsets.

I am guessing you aren’t into VR. Since Gear VR 2016 you can connect peripherals to USB-C port, even when you use S6. That new feature made it possible to make all kinds of things for Gear VR, including this NOLO: VR Motion Tracking for Mobile and SteamVR Play by Lisa Zhao — Kickstarter

And no, having cord plugged into Gear VR will not put it into disadvantage - you are going to be in a swivel chair with flight stick or wheel on your lap. Still can look around and steer.

Just a wild guess - you aren’t the one who implemented steering wheels support to 4.15 and you just got some time to argue for a sake of argument, right ? :rolleyes:

Do you think I work for Epic? I don’t
my argument is just that it’s extremely unlikely for a feature like that given that there seems to be little need or interest in it.

Did you see the stream? The guy just implemented it because he wanted it. Not because there was a demand for it. And I am extremely grateful for that because now UE4 can use those controllers, however niche they might be.

VR is growing market and while this steering wheels/HOTAS support project is still hot, might as well just add support for Android. If not for mass market, it can be used for enterprise and eventually will trickle down into mass market when VR is more mature.

Sure, if it’s easy maybe they’ll do it, but it’s unlikely that they’d do it otherwise