Android Studio Path: "C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio" Unable to locate local Android SDK

Good morning,

I followed all the steps on this page yet, impossible to complete step 3. I get the error message I put in the title every time I try. Has anyone else ever had this problem? I’ve already tried to reinstall it but it doesn’t work.

Same problem!

If you used the default installation folder, the SDK is located at %localappdata%\Android\Sdk , open this path on your Windows Explorer and then copy the entire path to your Android SDK project settings.

I uninstal Android Studio and all the files linked to the instal in c:\ and make a new installation. At step 4, I made a standard installation and that’s it ! Now it’s working

if you still have sdk or ndk or java installation problem, please setup all links from your “project settings /platforms Android Sdk” / set path for sdk and ndk and java “jre” folder

If you installed the Andoid SDK (not Studio) in a different folder than the default (%LOCALAPPDATA%\Android\Sdk).

Edit the
file to point to your SDK folder.

change the line



set ANDROID_LOCAL=C:\Android\sdk

C:\Android\sdk is an example, replace with your path to the Android SDK

Save the file and execute it.