Android stuck on splash screen

I am testing my game on BlueStacks. It worked on an older build.

  • Checked Google and UE4 answerhub (Not
    many solutions to this problem)
  • Tried switching the project to 4.22
    (Didn’t work)
  • Tried new project on 4.21 with
    2DSideScroller template (This worked)
  • It worked on my friends Samsung s8+
  • Tried switching project to older version 4.20 (Didn’t work)

Any advice on how to debug this or any solution?

So I ran monitor.exe and this is the error I get

Process: com.YourCompany.SpaceDebris4_20, PID: 13669 java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: dlopen failed: "/data/app/com.YourCompany.SpaceDebris4_20-2/lib/arm/" has unexpected e_machine: 40

Ok this happens because I enabled WebBrowser plugin. (Works once this plugin is disabled.) Is there any way to make this plugin work on android?

Oh man I hope that’s not what’s stopping mine from working… I’ll try disabling the plugin and see…

Hmm, that’s strange this is the exact same problem I am stumped on right now except it’s happening on my Android Test Version that I test installed via the windows bat to see if the game would work before uploading.

The only thing I’ve changed is the menu and added some ads so at this point I have no idea…

Try explicitly setting the Android permission in the project settings to allow web access.
My most recent Android stuck on splash screen/startup movie error has been because I didn’t have explicit External Storage permission set, and the game from the very beginning tries to establish a save game file on the user’s device.
It may be a similar problem with your web browser plugin needin internet access permissions set.


Hmm, not sure what setting you are talking about. I can’t seem to find it after looking all through the project settings. I must be misunderstanding it.

I did a test and found that if I build the UnrealPuzzle Gem game or whatever it is that works fine although i didnt see any ads in that one on my device though I think I read it doesnt show up in debug mode but when I build a test version of my game it doesn’t work therefore I think I messed something up somewhere or else it might be that setting maybe. I just have to figure it out. The only other thing I can think of is migrating everything to a clean project to check but that means I’ll have to fix a few things, not sure if that would work either though.


Is this what you are talking about maybe?


I think i’m gonna try disabling the two web plugins as well just to see if that makes any difference perhaps because i’m not sure what else it could be at this point…

Disregard guys, I found the cause of the issue finally. It was a Lightmapping plugin I got from the marketplace awhile back, either theres a bug in it or else I’m just not using it right perhaps. It was working originally with that so I think something broke that or changed. After disabling it the game works on my device again. This was helpful though to point me to testing out the plugin stuff to try to narrow down the cause.

No but that does influence whether your built game requires file I/O permissions by default.
I’m talking about another array of fields in the project settings where you type out the android permissions explicitly.