Android stuck on splash screen

My or clean project on UE4.27 is not working on bluestacks 5. It installs the apk but just gets stuck on splash screen. Running android 4.0 The recommended versions for UE4.27

Can someone test this on their end? Thanks in advance.

Android … 4.0? As in, “relased in 2011?” As in, "doesn’t support any modern phone or graphics chip? As in, “hasn’t gotten a security update in the last 8 years?” Or does “android 4” mean something else?

You need to run Android version 10 or better these days, or you phone won’t just not support all necessary features, it will also be a magnet for malware and crypto miners.

It may be that there’s some other “4” (like, a “Pixel 4” perhaps?) and if so, you might already be on a sufficient version, and something else is the matter.
Try opening up LogCat before starting, using adb, and see what it prints when your program starts, and then fails to progress. Perhaps it’s downloading a large OBB, or perhaps it’s not finding the right graphics support on the phone, or perhaps something else.

I meant Android Studio 4.0 and NDK r21b. Will try LogCat.

I’m not sure this is the right decision at all…and apparently it is bad solution… but it worked for me…
Instal ue4.26 or 4.27 from github source
set this option

it’s in ldplayer x64

Yes I came to the same conclusion after searching online. Haven’t tested this yet.

bro can you share your android studio version(which platform tool) and screen shot of ue4 “androd,android skd”.

I do not use this program)