Android showing status bar overlay

Hey, tried to look around for an answer to it. At best I found something on stack overflow, but I didn’t really get the answer.
I know you can swipe down to show the status bar, but I would like to have it always visible at the top.
I notice a lot of apps have it, and its generally half seen through, making what its hovering over a bit darker.

Is this possible?
I’m mostly used to blueprint’s, but if it can be done with an extra C++ thing, then that would be great too.
Or maybe there is some command or something to put in when I packages it.

Bump. Bump.

Hi, just in case anyone else comes across this thread someday like I did looking for a solution to this. I’ve just uploaded a plugin that I made to do this.


This is for 4.18.
It adds a config option in Project Settings to show the status bar on Android.
It’s also got the following nodes:

  • Set status bar visibility
  • Get start intent string extra by key name
  • Set screen orientation to landscape
  • Set screen orientation to portrait
  • Check is app installed
  • Open an external app by package name


Is there any way to do this?