Android setup sdkmanager no such file or directory

I’m setting up my project for Android development, I have one issue though. When I run it says this Android/Sdk/tools/bin/sdkmanager: No such file or directory. I know that there is no directory there I just have no idea how to fix it. I have installed sdk, ndk, jdk, cmdline tools, I have no idea what to do. I know I’m providing little information, but if somebody could at least slightly push me in the right direction that would be great!

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you don’t need to run that if you have installed all the right android sdk ndk jdk reqs.
it just downloads the proper ndk for you.
if you have it all set up by hand you should be able to build if your paths are all set correct.

Thanks that helps, the SetupAndroid thing is kinda annoying I thought you had to, and I already have previously set them up right for other engines thanks.

I did the same thing.
Honestly reinstalled everything twice by hand
and still putzed for 3 weeks to get a first build that ran on quest