Android Setup Issues on Ubuntu 20.10

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:

Is there no place for engine installation questions? I’m trying to get android packaging to work with UE4.26 on Ubuntu 20.10 but there seems no way to do so as android studio 3.5.3 would be required (at least that’s what tells me when executing it. I figured using because I couldn’t find any Androidworks folder like the Unreal - Android Linux Starter Guide mentions :S

I have found a repo from someone with several a-studio versions but the 3.5 version is exactly the one that’s missing :'D on the official android site I can only get the latest 4.x version…

Maybe someone should create a section for “engine installation and setup” in the forums? =) Except of course I just haven’t found that place yet. Or update the documentation website so it’s more clear how to go on about setting up android in UE 4.26 on Ubuntu 20.
Thanks for any help and considerations :slight_smile:

btw I found the answer hub and posted this there as well, but I’d like to keep it here as maybe Epic People would look at this here more frequently :wink: