[Android] Setting sound volume to 0 not muting


I’ve tried muting sounds with SoundClass->Properties.Volume = 0.f; and pushing a sound mixer that sets volume to 0 on the Master sound class, and it works fine on PC and iOS, but not on Android (Galaxy S4, Galaxy Tab, etc).

I can still hear the sounds if I put the device sound settings at maximum volume.

Hey rvc,

Would you mind providing me with some steps to reproduce this issue on my end. How/where are you calling the master volume set to 0?

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Either by using a SoundMixer on blueprint (a umg button that will call PushSoundMixModifier).

Or a umg button that calls a c++ function to AMyGameMode, which has:

UPROPERTY(EditDefaultsOnly, BlueprintReadWrite, Category = Game)
TArray<class USoundClass*> OptionsSoundClasses;

Then iterates through that array and does SoundClass->Properties.Volume = 0.f

Then increase the volume on the device to the maximum, and we can still barely hear it.

Using 4.7.5 btw.


Take a look at this post that is dealing with a similar issue. You could be calling the incorrect SoundClass to mute. Try editing the MasterSound class which controls all of the volumes instead of the SoundMixModifier.

How to Change Volume C++

Let me know if this post had the correct solution.