Android Rainbow Color Issue

I packaged my game and ran it on my Android S7 Edge phone using UE 4.23. There is this weird rainbow effect that occurs on some objects as shown. It even happens on the characters and other environment objects not shown. It is somewhat random, but the ones shown consistently has this issue.

The issue only appears on my phone. When I run my game on my computer using these [settings][2], I do not notice this issue.

If anyone has any ideas where or how I can start my investigation, that would be great. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I think I figured it out. I just decided to start deleting stuff in my map and when I deleted the Sky Light the problem went away. I guess somehow the Sky Light was associated with some HDR thing that caused these artifacts on my mobile device. According to this Lighting for Mobile Platforms | Unreal Engine Documentation only Linear HDR lighting is supported which I honestly don’t know what that means.