Android Query Owned Purchases

I’ve tried to use both of the Query Owned Purchase nodes but had no success getting anything back I can check. I have tested this by actually making a real purchase and also via the test purchase methods. I am struggling to work out how I find out how to get what purchases a player has made.

I don’t want to store this information locally as this is lost if the player moves to a new phone or uninstalls then reinstalls the game.

Is there a trick to making this work or does it not work in 4.25 ?

I also tried to restore purchases (and then check the array returned) however this node like the query for owned purchases node doesn’t seem to work either.

Bump - anyone know how to check for owned purchases on Android in 4.25?

Bump …anyone ?

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Did you resolve this problem or found a workaround? I also tried Query and Restore functions, but the returned arrays are empty. I’m also using 4.25, is it working on other versions?

I’m switching to 4.26 after seeing this “Upgraded Android BillingApiV2 to version 3.0.0 to better support in-app purchases.” on the patch note. I hope this will be good.

Thanks for the info. I tried the Query on 4.26 using test payments and still got null returned. Was wondering if you had success? Was thinking maybe it only works on real payments although I tried a real purchase and it still returns null?

Sadly no change with 4.26. I though the same about real payments but I doubt. I checked the match3 example and they save everything locally, the thing we want to avoid obviously.

Thanks, I use save data to keep a record which is fine until player changes phone so I guess only option is to credit player after receiving complaints.

On another note I was wondering if you have the same issue. Basically if I am in game and swap focus to another app/game it does not pause whilst in the other app. It reloads/restarts. I have save points but it is annoying.

Well I guess I will try to save the purchases on a database if I don’t find another solution, that way uninstalling the game or changing phone will not be a problem.

Yes I can confirm the game reloads after changing app. I also tried with a random game probably made with unity and it does the same, So yeah it’s probably a limitation from android and not ue4 base but I can’t confirm that.

Can I ask if anybody has reported this bug please?

I’ve not reported it

I have reported today. They might do not know about the bug, we might have a higher chance it get fixed by reporting.

any updates on this bug? makes the engine useless for monetization in android

I can only say that 4.26.2 did not fix the issue after upgrade.

I think more people should report this as a bug to attract their attention to fix it.

Till this bug is fixed, Are you going to save locally and refund the players if they complain about purchases missing on a new device?

I have written the purchases to an external database which works fine except I can’t see how to get the players google ID so I can correctly record who has made a purchase. Do you know where/how this can be grabbed? Any ideas?

I managed to use Google’s own purchase system to do this. UE4 does not acknowledge the purchase. I made my own code and posted here to make the purchase permanent.

I’ve also modified the read in app purchases node to get the purchase status of in app items but haven’t posted that anywhere yet.

Would you be able to post how you modified the read in app purchases to get the status? That would help when a player changes devices.

Sorry just saw your question. I have decided to remove non consumable in app purchases.