Android Profiler Not Working

I’m trying to profile my game on Android Device (LG G3). But cannot profile because *.ue4stats file not saving in the device.

I used Data Capture by “Session Frontend” and “stat startfile” on my device. But both is not working.

I checked /UE4Game/MyProject/* folder but there is no “Saved/Profiling” folder.

2015.08.15-13.09.20 [Android Device-0] 00051.203: LogStats: Opening stats file: ../../../MyProject/Saved/Profiling/UnrealStats/Test_1-Android-08.15-13.09.21/Test_1-Android-15-13.09.21.ue4stats

2015.08.15-13.09.23 [Android Device-0] 00052.645: LogStats: Wrote stats file: ../../../MyProject/Saved/Profiling/UnrealStats/Test_1-Android-08.15-13.09.21/Test_1-Android-15-13.09.21.ue4stats

2015.08.15-13.09.23 [Android Device-0] 00053.744: LogProfilerService: Opening stats file for service-client sending: ../../../MyProject/Saved/Profiling/UnrealStats/../../../MyProject/Saved/Profiling/UnrealStats/Test_1-Android-08.15-13.09.21/Test_1-Android-15-13.09.21.ue4stats

2015.08.15-13.09.23 [Android Device-0] 00053.752: LogProfilerService: Could not open: ../../../MyProject/Saved/Profiling/UnrealStats/../../../MyProject/Saved/Profiling/UnrealStats/Test_1-Android-08.15-13.09.21/Test_1-Android-15-13.09.21.ue4stats

  1. I don’t have UE 4.9
  2. I’m using Epic Games Launcher
  3. Tested on empty project without starter content and have a same problem.
  4. Currently I don’t have any other android phone.

Note: Also my previous project creating folder with project name inside “/UE4Game” folder. But this empty test project doesn’t create any folder inside this folder.

I’m launching app from inside editor. (no packaging and manually installing app)

Attached .


54814-log-app.txt (15 KB)

  • Have you tried this in 4.9 Preview 4?
  • Are you using the Epic Games Launcher or GitHub to obtain the Editor?
  • Is this only happening on this project, or all projects including blank temples without any starter content?
  • Have you been able to replicate this on a different device?

In order to assist you further, could you please provide me with the error uploaded to your next reply as a .txt file? Please provide the from monitor.bat as well: C:\android-sdk-windows\tools

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

Just updated my question.

Hey, thanks for updating your question with some additional information.

  • What version of Android are you on?
  • Would you mind trying 4.9 Preview 4?
  • Are there any additional you would be able to provide?


Hi ,

My android version is 5.0.

I will try 4.9 Preview 4 tomorrow because of my limited internet. Need time to download :slight_smile:

And I will provide any additional with UE4.9


I just tested with UE4.9 preview 4 and I’m getting now slight different error message (The from my project but getting same error with empty project)

Just grapped all from monitor. Not sure it is ok?

Note: I tried several times. Suddenly it is working but “Receiving is stuck on %14 and it is aborted”. After that I never saw “Receiving” message, just it is aborting… (Note: Empty project with no starter content)

After few days I will have diffrent android device and I will test on. But currently it is not working :frowning:


55170-log-monitor.txt (299 KB)


08-21 17:52:29.626: D/UE4(5588): [2015.08.21-14.52.29:623][  0]LogStats: Opening stats file: ../../../MyProject/Saved/Profiling/UnrealStats/Test_1-Android-08.21-17.52.29/Test_1-Android-21-17.52.29.ue4stats

Everything appears to be working. I have spoken with a developer and he suggested that you do stat stopfile and then use adb pull to retrieve the .ue4stats file to open the profiler.


I think I found the real problem. I’m just checking File Browsing on my android device (not windows) and found these stat files and my other project files here!

But these folders and files is not showing (hidden) on windows when I connected android to computer. Refreshing folder but nothing appers.

Attached both images from android and windows.

When you use adb pull in the command prompt, your UE4Stats will be pulled and you should be able to access them. Sometimes the stats simply do not show up in Windows Explorer, which is why the command prompt needs to be used.


In command prompt:
“adb shell ls /mnt/sdcard/UE4Game/MyProject/MyProject/Saved/Profiling/UnrealStats”

then the correct command would be “adb pull /mnt/sdcard/UE4Game/MyProject/MyProject/Saved/Profiling/UnrealStats/* c:\statstemp”

Once that loads, you can then load the UE4Stats file into the profiler to review.

Let us know if you have any further questions, thanks!

if anyone having trouble with adb pull, try this:

  1. Go to developer options of your phone.
  2. Go to ‘Select debug app’ and it will show your game if its installed (works even when game is launched from ue4)
  3. Go to Session front end and start your game on the phone.
  4. Now you should see your device in ‘My Sessions’ and you can monitor the game from there.

I’m currently on 4.13 and the editor crashes if I use capture data for android profiling, I use date preview toggle instead but it slows down your game a bit … don’t know much but I ignore stat thread functions if they are highlighted as red while profiling.