Android Problems.. game wont start

I cant seem to properly package an android game… when I package for windows, it works fine, but when I package to android the game refuses to load. Even happens with a new template. No errors… Wont work on phone or bluestacks(an android emulator) Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


Can you give us more info like an error log coming from logcat and your configuration (SDK,NDK,JDK versions etc…)?


I think I have the same problem.
When i test the game on the emulator it works.
But when I throw it on my phone, it closed directly after less than 1 sec.
For find the reason, i try start game on 2 other phone.

And the result is :

  • 1st phone (lolipop) fail
  • 2nd phone (nouga) success
  • 3nd phone (marshmalow) success

I don’t find any solution…
Maybe it’s device performer…
Or maybe it’s OS…

Iam realy sorry for my english.

what is your version of android ?