Android Preview Rendering Level shows black window

I got UE4 4.25.0 on Ubuntu, and when trying to switch to Android ‘preview’ (Settings->Preview Rendering Level->Android ES 3.1) like described here in p.4,
it just renders a black background.

I can select/move things around (and see the result when I switch to a ‘standard’ preview), but can’t see anything other that a black background.
For now I’m just trying to see a rolling template, no changes made.
I run UE4Editor with -opengl4, as I got an old GPU (geforce GT 540M) that doesn’t support vulkan, apparently. No errors/warnings in console when switching to android preview and compiling shaders.

Would you guys know what’s going on here?
Attaching ‘standard’ and android preview to make myself clear.

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