Android Platform for Linux Editor

Hi there! Was wondering if the Android Platform was available for the Linux Editor, and if so, how am I able to use the create package for it? Linux is the only option that gets listed in for creating a package. Have ADT installed, have the environment variables setup, even have Android TADP installed (but read the docs and it stated if you have ADT, then you only need the 2 environment variables). If it’s not possible yet, is there plans for it? It’s available for Windows, and the tools are the same, shouldn’t it be trivial? If it is, I would be willing to do it if someone pointed me in the right direction?

I have the same problem :frowning:

Hi Raid!

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately at this time, the Linux Editor is still very much a work in progress and does not support mobile content; the only cross-platform compiling possible right now is Linux to Windows. Epic is always looking for suggestions on how to make its Linux support more robust. Here is the link to the Linux Support wiki page. If you check out the ‘Present State of Unreal Engine 4 on Linux’ there is an IRC channel to chat with Epic and users alike.

Sorry for the bad news, I hope however this answers your question. Thanks very much!

It is possible that some parameter check is missing in the Linux part of the system, which doesn’t find ADT and thus fails to allow packaging. If I have some time I might be able to look into that.

Meanwhile, have you tried doing this from the command line, with UAT?

Check the Linux Wiki page at A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums for the terminal command to do this. You will need to change the platform to Android from Linux…

That’s both very surprising and unfortunate. An editor under Linux platform doesn’t support compiling for Linux mobile platform =(