Android path format/structure

Hi [USER=“11153”]Chris Babcock[/USER] , mentioning you here in the hope you could help with the following or anyone else!

I’ve seen this query asked many times but not found a definitive solution:

I’m trying to using photo’s on the android device as textures. I appear to have two main problems:

  1. I can’t figure out what the path syntax for it would be?
  2. I am unsure if the “Download Image” node could be used for this?

I’ve set the permissions:android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE & android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE

What I’ve tried so far:

  • With the node “Download Image”:

file:///storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.mycompany.projectname/Photos/image162.jpg (where I manually copied that jpg there)

  • I also tried the Rama victory extra blueprint plugin with the nodes: “Victory Load Texture 2D from File” and “Load Texture 2D from File by Extension” however both of those fail on the path checks using the paths above so I’m pretty sure if I could work out problem #1, what the syntax for android path is, they should work.

I would prefer to do this in blueprints as my C++ knowledge is limited to copy and paste changes to the engine source code :smiley: (so that would also be ok). Many many thanks in advance for any step-by-step help!

i’m very interested on this topic too.
I need to load video file from a s8 and i can’t find a proper way.

Hey Guys, I’m very much interested in this as well - did you find any solution for this?

No solution for me so far, still waiting to find a way to load videos from external path…
Maybe the only way is to change the source code by C++.

Also i don’t need to publish anything on play store or other platform so i want to avoid every security system that prevent my app to load files.

Hi, any news on how load video from external storage?


try look this.

i can play video without problem, but i need to find a walkaround for this part:
“In order to package and deploy your content with your project, your media must reside in the Content/Movies folder of your project.”

I think the OP (not exactly video related but on loading graphics for textures) is still relevant. It is interesting, in a frustrating way, that I’ve tried the various paths that aussieburger tried on Android to bring up images to no avail, but if I try something like:…r_272x92dp.png as a path/file combo with the blueprint node, “Download image” it works great (of course, while I have internet access). My storage permission is on; the device I am using is all internal memory, a Pixel 2XL. Since the graphics I want to load locally are private (the medical, hipaa, kind) and needs to be kept to the device, the solution where I get the .jpg directly from the Android would be best instead of the less private internet. I too have tried the aforementioned “Download image” as well as Rama’s Victory Load Texture 2D from File to no avail so far. I think the sticking part are both the path and permission questions as aussieburger has already alluded to; I too though, am stuck at this point.

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Hi everyone,

I’m using the Android Native Goodies plugin to select pictures from my gallery and display them in a picture frame. To save the picture, so that it loads the next time I launch the app on my phone, I “Export to Disk”. Then I “Import File as Texture 2D” on event beginplay.