Android packaging target 26 crash when using obb

When I Package and run my app above sdk target version 21 it crashes on launch.
This only happens when i do not include my all file in the apk. (aka a sepperate obb file)
These are my build settings:

It is permitted to update and upload new apps with the TARGET sdk version of 26 by august and November. So this is kinda important.

I am experiencing the same issue. Google is indeed increasing minimum sdk targets for new apps and app updates in the near future, this needs immediate attention

I facing the same issue, any news?

I recentelly had got some problem with Android SDK tools versions running with Oculus Go. Do you have the right one installed? Did you just update it or did you clean it up before the new installation? I had to uninstall and then reinstall all the andoid packages because of a similar issue.

\NVPACK\android-sdk-windows\tools\android.bat on windows to check that

Same issue here. How am i supposed to publish something if it won’t allow me to upload target api lower than 26!?