Android packaging problems

I tried to export ( packaging an Augmented Reality project ) into android but when i tried to File > Package Project > Android > Android (all) … nothing happen. No any running process ( same if i packaging for windows, there is scripts running ). I have android SDK but now how could i packaging that project for testing on phone ?


Could you please provide me with a screenshot of your Android SDK settings within the Unreal Engine? Also, include any output logs that you have when you’re trying to package your project. You can get output logs to show up by going to Window > Developer Tools > Output Log. Once the log is open, simply highlight it, copy it and paste it into a text document.



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Thank you!

Sorry for not checking the forums recently but i still have the problem. This time i installed SDK and running well but when i try packaging a test project out it errors alot and i dont know what causing that ? Here is attached file of error log [link text][1]

80932-error.txt (1.05 MB)

Make sure that your Android SDK settings are set up like this:


Thanks alot for helping and it works ( i could export to APK file ) awesome. However, there is another coming problems which is it shows " Plugin ( ARToolkitPlugin ) failed to load because module ARTPlugin could not be found. Please ensure the plugin is properly installed, otherwise consider disabling the plugin for this project ". I tried reinstalled many time plugin and also changing the target hardware is table/ mobile but it always show that message and then crash every time i run APK file on phone ( i even try to launch in phone via PC ). Any suggestion? Thanks in advance
[link text][1]

81243-outlog.txt (1.02 MB)

Could you please provide me with the actual logs from the device, when the game crashes?

Please go here: C:\android-sdk-windows\tools and then run Monitor.bat
Keep in mind that you’ll need to highlight all of the logs in order for them to save.