Android Packaging Problem!

I made simple game which is pretty much ready to play but sadly cant upload DUE to this
and I got the solution for it and tried to package with FOR DISTRIBUTION

then it shows me an error

but when I don’t select that FOR DISTRIBUTION

then it works well.

Why is it happening?

Did you check the Distribution signing settings like the error tells you to? You can find it under Project settings/Android/Distribution Signing
To learn more about distribution signing go here: Sign your app  |  Android Developers
It’s kindof a pain so expect to be spending a bit to figure it all out.

Put simply, I believe it’s to prevent someone else from taking the APK of your game (which is really easy to get) from being able to upload it to the play store and claim it is their’s.

I did everything well like the app id,key code and that stuff.
But why isn’t packaging? ;/

Hey, should i send my log text?