Android packaging on UE 4.26

Ive tried today for like 5 hours to package my game, but cant see my device in ue … ive read something about i need to install Android Studio… i did this and i cant open the "SetupAndroid in my UE_4.26>Engine>Extras>Android Folder… can anyone help me please?
thats my fist “Game” and im a completly new to ue.

Edit: finaly ive got it open!! Just reinstalled the hole thing. But now the bat file in UE4 folder cant find my sd location xD

Thx 4 you answerts guys!

Still dont found a way to package my game… pls help.

LOL. Im in the same boat. Been over a wekk and no responds to my question. I managed to package my level but my lightmaps are screwed once i open it on my android. They look like they are at 32 resolution!

Had all these issues in the past. Here is how to solve them… Literally wipe your computer and start from scratch (if you can’t find a solution). You need Visual Studio for the correct version of UE4, Unreal Engine 4, Android Studio, and Java. Take a look at what the environmental variables are.

Your lightmaps are screwed up because you probably have too much going on. Look up Customized UV Texture Coordinates. Add 1 customizes uv texture coordinate to the material that looks bad.

I guess just post a very specific problem in detail and I’ll respond.

wont high jack the thread. But maybe answer this issue on this thread? Under the UE the maps loo great. but moving it to the mobile platform,you can see the screen shots. I did google Customized UV Texture Coordinates and it led me to Customized UVs in Unreal Engine Materials | Unreal Engine 5.3 Documentation

Is this possibly the solution following that link? Im comign from 3ds and most of my textures are just simple auto uvw. a few item have custom non overlapping uvw’s but the majorities are auto uvw with no over lapping. UE4 gives me zero errors during build. Ill post a few screen shot in now it looks on the PC engine.

can you also screen shot your material setup when you get a chance as well as a picture of the problems.
also a general overview of your entire project. i.e. what’s going on in the game while the textures are failing. is it an rpg? or something