Android packaging ini settings (possible bug)

I have encountered a problem and would like to know whether my expectations are wrong or whether this is a bug. If it’s a bug it essentially prevents UnrealBuildTool (and potentially other places where ini files are accessed the same way) from reading the correct per project config setting.

Something unexpected happens when packaging a simple project created from the Blueprint Blank template with nothing but the default map. With 4.11 the Games App ID specified under Project Settings -> Android -> Google Play Services should be validated when Enable Google Play Support is checked. But in reality it is NOT validated.
When I debug UnrealBuildTool I can see that it tries to read the Engine config ini file section ‘/Script/AndroidRuntimeSettings.AndroidRuntimeSettings’ and searches the bool for key ‘bEnableGooglePlaySupport’. The problem is that the value always comes back as false because it never reads the actual project Config/DefaultEngine.ini file which actually has the bEnableGooglePlaySupport=true setting. So the value is taken from the Engine/Config/BaseEngine.ini instead which has the bEnableGooglePlaySupport=false. There is a comment above the section in BaseEngine.ini:

But the actual values (overrides so to say) on a per project basis should consider the project’s config as well. Note that this is just and example and happens with any ini setting accessed the same way as ‘bEnableGooglePlaySupport’.

So am I expecting something from the system that it doesn’t fulfill or is this actually a bug?

Thank you for your help.

Edit: ignore/delete this please. I have checked perform full rebuild in the packaging settings and that fixed it (even if I uncheck it again). Sorry for the hasty post :slight_smile: