Android packaging error

Hi there,

when i try to package for android multi, in editor, the packaging process throws out an error. What is confusing me, is that in the log it seems to cook the Foliage_Intro_Tutorial. I already checked the “Exclude Editor Content when cooking” flag, in the Packaging section, but with no success.


Log file open, 09/12/17 19:15:44
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin Paper2D
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin LightPropagationVolume
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin CodeLiteSourceCodeAccess
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin GitSourceControl
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin KDevelopSourceCodeAccess
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin NullSourceCodeAccess
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin PerforceSourceControl
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin SubversionSourceControl
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin UObjectPlugin
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin VisualStudioSourceCodeAccess
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin XCodeSourceCodeAccess
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin AssetManagerEditor
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin AudioCapture
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin FacialAnimation
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin GameplayTagsEditor
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin MobileLauncherProfileWizard
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin PluginBrowser
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin SpeedTreeImporter
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin AlembicImporter
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin CharacterAI
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin HTML5Networking
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin AndroidMedia
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin AvfMedia
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin MediaPlayerEditor
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin WmfMedia
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin TcpMessaging
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin UdpMessaging
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin LevelSequenceEditor
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin MatineeToLevelSequence
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin OnlineSubsystemGooglePlay
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin OnlineSubsystemIOS
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin OnlineSubsystem
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin OnlineSubsystemNull
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin OnlineSubsystemUtils
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin AndroidDeviceProfileSelector
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin AndroidMoviePlayer
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin AndroidPermission
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin AppleMoviePlayer
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin ArchVisCharacter
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin CableComponent
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin CustomMeshComponent
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin ExampleDeviceProfileSelector
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin GoogleCloudMessaging
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin ImmediatePhysics
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin IOSDeviceProfileSelector
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin LinuxDeviceProfileSelector
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin LocationServicesBPLibrary
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin MobilePatchingUtils
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin OculusVR
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin PhysXVehicles
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin ProceduralMeshComponent
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin RuntimePhysXCooking
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin SteamVR
LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin WindowsMoviePlayer
LogInit: Using libcurl 7.47.1
LogInit: - built for x86_64-pc-win32
LogInit: - supports SSL with OpenSSL/1.0.2g
LogInit: - supports HTTP deflate (compression) using libz 1.2.8
LogInit: - other features:
LogInit: CurlRequestOptions (configurable via config and command line):
LogInit: - bVerifyPeer = false - Libcurl will NOT verify peer certificate
LogInit: - bUseHttpProxy = false - Libcurl will NOT use HTTP proxy
LogInit: - bDontReuseConnections = false - Libcurl will reuse connections
LogInit: - CertBundlePath = nullptr - Libcurl will use whatever was configured at build time.
LogInit: Build: ++UE4+Release-4.17-CL-3586342
LogInit: Engine Version: 4.17.1-3586342+++UE4+Release-4.17
LogInit: Compatible Engine Version: 4.17.0-3573198+++UE4+Release-4.17
LogInit: Net CL: 3573198
LogDevObjectVersion: Number of dev versions registered: 16
LogDevObjectVersion: Dev-Blueprints (B0D832E4-1F89-4F0D-ACCF-7EB736FD4AA2): 10
LogDevObjectVersion: Dev-Build (E1C64328-A22C-4D53-A36C-8E866417BD8C): 0
LogDevObjectVersion: Dev-Core (375EC13C-06E4-48FB-B500-84F0262A717E): 2
LogDevObjectVersion: Dev-Editor (E4B068ED-F494-42E9-A231-DA0B2E46BB41): 20
LogDevObjectVersion: Dev-Framework (CFFC743F-43B0-4480-9391-14DF171D2073): 28
LogDevObjectVersion: Dev-Mobile (B02B49B5-BB20-44E9-A304-32B752E40360): 0
LogDevObjectVersion: Dev-Networking (A4E4105C-59A1-49B5-A7C5-40C4547EDFEE): 0
LogDevObjectVersion: Dev-Online (39C831C9-5AE6-47DC-9A44-9C173E1C8E7C): 0
LogDevObjectVersion: Dev-Physics (78F01B33-EBEA-4F98-B9B4-84EACCB95AA2): 0
LogDevObjectVersion: Dev-Platform (6631380F-2D4D-43E0-8009-CF276956A95A): 0
LogDevObjectVersion: Dev-Rendering (12F88B9F-8875-4AFC-A67C-D90C383ABD29): 19
LogDevObjectVersion: Dev-Sequencer (7B5AE74C-D270-4C10-A958-57980B212A5A): 4
LogDevObjectVersion: Dev-VR (D7296918-1DD6-4BDD-9DE2-64A83CC13884): 0
LogDevObjectVersion: Dev-LoadTimes (C2A15278-BFE7-4AFE-6C17-90FF531DF755): 1
LogDevObjectVersion: Private-Geometry (6EACA3D4-40EC-4CC1-B786-8BED09428FC5): 1
LogDevObjectVersion: Dev-AnimPhys (29E575DD-E0A3-4627-9D10-D276232CDCEA): 7
LogInit: Compiled (64-bit): Aug 15 2017 02:05:26
LogInit: Compiled with Visual C++: 19.00.24215.01
LogInit: Build Configuration: DebugGame
LogInit: Branch Name: ++UE4+Release-4.17
LogInit: Command line: “D:\Unreal Projects\MoleTroubleMBL\MoleTroubleMBL.uproject” -run=Cook -NoLogTimes -TargetPlatform=Android_Multi -fileopenlog -unversioned -debug -skipeditorcontent -abslog=“C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.17\Engine\Programs\AutomationTool\Saved\Cook-2017.09.12-19.15.43.txt” -stdout -CrashForUAT -unattended -UTF8Output
LogInit: Base directory: C:/Program Files/Epic Games/UE_4.17/Engine/Binaries/Win64/
LogInit: Installed Engine Build: 1
LogInit: Presizing for max 8388607 objects, including 0 objects not considered by GC, pre-allocating 0 bytes for permanent pool.
LogInit: Object subsystem initialized
LogInit: Selected Device Profile: [Windows]
LogInit: Applying CVar settings loaded from the selected device profile: [Windows]
LogInit: Computer: DESKTOP-IK5PS2V
LogInit: User: odiou
LogInit: CPU Page size=4096, Cores=4
LogInit: High frequency timer resolution =14.318180 MHz
LogMemory: Memory total: Physical=8.0GB (8GB approx)
LogMemory: Platform Memory Stats for Windows
LogMemory: Process Physical Memory: 280.74 MB used, 280.74 MB peak
LogMemory: Process Virtual Memory: 289.77 MB used, 289.77 MB peak
LogMemory: Physical Memory: 4068.04 MB used, 4123.20 MB free, 8191.23 MB total
LogMemory: Virtual Memory: 681.73 MB used, 4123.20 MB free, 134217728.00 MB total
LogInit: Using OS detected language (de-DE).
LogInit: Using OS detected locale (de-DE).
LogTextLocalizationManager: No localization for ‘de-DE’ exists, so ‘en’ will be used for the language.
LogTextLocalizationManager: No localization for ‘de-DE’ exists, so ‘en’ will be used for the locale.
LogShaderCompilers: Guid format shader working directory is 13 characters bigger than the processId version (D:/Unreal Projects/MoleTroubleMBL/Intermediate/Shaders/WorkingDirectory/6204/).
LogShaderCompilers: Cleaned the shader compiler working directory ‘C:/Users/odiou/AppData/Local/Temp/UnrealShaderWorkingDir/63221D3D47963B773E718CB13E4305F1/’.
LogShaderCompilers: Display: Using Local Shader Compiler.
LogDerivedDataCache: Display: Max Cache Size: 512 MB
LogDerivedDataCache: Loaded boot cache 0.19s 95MB C:/Users/odiou/AppData/Local/UnrealEngine/4.17/DerivedDataCache/Boot.ddc.
LogDerivedDataCache: Display: Loaded Boot cache: C:/Users/odiou/AppData/Local/UnrealEngine/4.17/DerivedDataCache/Boot.ddc
LogDerivedDataCache: FDerivedDataBackendGraph: Pak pak cache file D:/Unreal Projects/MoleTroubleMBL/DerivedDataCache/DDC.ddp not found, will not use a pak cache.
LogDerivedDataCache: Unable to find inner node Pak for hierarchical cache Hierarchy.
LogDerivedDataCache: FDerivedDataBackendGraph: CompressedPak pak cache file D:/Unreal Projects/MoleTroubleMBL/DerivedDataCache/Compressed.ddp not found, will not use a pak cache.
LogDerivedDataCache: Unable to find inner node CompressedPak for hierarchical cache Hierarchy.
LogDerivedDataCache: Display: Pak cache opened for reading …/…/…/Engine/DerivedDataCache/Compressed.ddp.
LogDerivedDataCache: Using Local data cache path C:/Users/odiou/AppData/Local/UnrealEngine/Common/DerivedDataCache: Writable
LogAssetRegistry: FAssetRegistry took 0.0068 seconds to start up
LogTemp: Display: Loaded TP AllDesktopTargetPlatform
LogTemp: Display: Loaded TP MacClientTargetPlatform
LogTemp: Display: Loaded TP MacNoEditorTargetPlatform
LogTemp: Display: Loaded TP MacServerTargetPlatform
LogTemp: Display: Loaded TP MacTargetPlatform
LogTemp: Display: Loaded TP WindowsClientTargetPlatform
LogTemp: Display: Loaded TP WindowsNoEditorTargetPlatform
LogTemp: Display: Loaded TP WindowsServerTargetPlatform
LogTemp: Display: Loaded TP WindowsTargetPlatform
LogTemp: Display: Loaded TP AndroidTargetPlatform
LogTemp: Display: Loaded TP Android_ASTCTargetPlatform
LogTemp: Display: Loaded TP Android_ATCTargetPlatform
LogTemp: Display: Loaded TP Android_DXTTargetPlatform
LogTemp: Display: Loaded TP Android_ETC1TargetPlatform
LogTemp: Display: Loaded TP Android_ETC2TargetPlatform
LogTemp: Display: Loaded TP Android_MultiTargetPlatform
LogTemp: Display: Loaded TP Android_PVRTCTargetPlatform
LogTemp: Display: Loaded TP HTML5TargetPlatform
LogTemp: Display: Loaded TP IOSTargetPlatform
LogTemp: Display: Loaded TP TVOSTargetPlatform
LogTemp: Display: Loaded TP LinuxClientTargetPlatform
LogTemp: Display: Loaded TP LinuxNoEditorTargetPlatform
LogTemp: Display: Loaded TP LinuxServerTargetPlatform
LogTemp: Display: Loaded TP LinuxTargetPlatform
LogTargetPlatformManager: Display: Building Assets For Android_Multi
LogInit: Selected Device Profile: [Windows]
LogSimplygon: Simplygon DLL not present - disabling.
LogMeshReduction: Using SimplygonSwarm for distributed automatic mesh merging
LogMeshReduction: Using QuadricMeshReduction for automatic static mesh reduction
LogMeshReduction: No automatic skeletal mesh reduction module available
LogMeshReduction: No automatic mesh merging module available
LogMeshMerging: No automatic mesh merging module available
LogMaterial: Missing cached shader map for material Widget3DPassThrough, compiling.
LogNetVersion: MoleTroubleMBL , NetCL: 3573198, EngineNetVer: 2, GameNetVer: 0 (Checksum: 635704757)
LogPackageLocalizationCache: Processed 5 localized package path(s) for 1 prioritized culture(s) in 0.027659 seconds
LogInit: WinSock: version 1.1 (2.2), MaxSocks=32767, MaxUdp=65467
LogMaterial: Missing cached shader map for material LaserPointerMaterial, compiling.
LogMaterial: Missing cached shader map for material VRTextMaterial, compiling.
LogMaterial: Missing cached shader map for material DefaultSpriteMaterial, compiling.
LogMaterial: Missing cached shader map for material MAT_ParticleSystem, compiling.
LogMaterial: Missing cached shader map for material MAT_skm_mt_nml, compiling.
SourceControl: Source control is disabled
SourceControl: Source control is disabled
SourceControl: Source control is disabled
SourceControl: Source control is disabled
LogAndroidPermission: UAndroidPermissionCallbackProxy::GetInstance
LogOcInput: OculusInput pre-init called
LogUObjectArray: 40536 objects as part of root set at end of initial load.
LogUObjectAllocator: 9270664 out of 0 bytes used by permanent object pool.
LogUObjectArray: CloseDisregardForGC: 0/0 objects in disregard for GC pool
LogInit: Executing Class /Script/UnrealEd.CookCommandlet
LogInit: Initializing Editor Engine…
LogEngine: Initializing Engine…
LogStats: UGameplayTagsManager::ConstructGameplayTagTree: Construct from data asset - 0.000 s
LogStats: UGameplayTagsManager::ConstructGameplayTagTree: GameplayTagTreeChangedEvent.Broadcast - 0.000 s
LogAIModule: Creating AISystem for world Untitled
LogDerivedDataCache: Saved boot cache 0.13s 95MB C:/Users/odiou/AppData/Local/UnrealEngine/4.17/DerivedDataCache/Boot.ddc.
LogInit: Texture streaming: Disabled
LogInit: Initializing Editor Engine Completed
LogGameplayTags: Display: UGameplayTagsManager::DoneAddingNativeTags. DelegateIsBound: 0
LogCook: Display: Max memory allowance for cook 16384mb min free memory 0mb
LogCook: Display: Mobile HDR setting 0
LogCook: Display: Creating asset registry
LogCook: Display: Cooked content cleared for platform Android_Multi
LogCook: Display: Unable to read previous cook inisettings for platform Android_Multi invalidating cook
LogCook: Display: Sandbox cleanup took 0.127 seconds for platforms Android_Multi iterative false
LogMaterial: Verifying Global Shaders for GLSL_ES2
LogPackageUtilities: Searching using wildcard: ‘…/…/…/Engine/Content/.uasset’
LogPackageUtilities: Searching using wildcard: 'D:/Unreal Projects/MoleTroubleMBL/Content/
LogPackageUtilities: Searching using wildcard: ‘…/…/…/Engine/Plugins/2D/Paper2D/Content/.uasset’
LogPackageUtilities: Searching using wildcard: '…/…/…/Engine/Plugins/Runtime/Oculus/OculusVR/Content/
LogPackageUtilities: Searching using wildcard: ‘…/…/…/Engine/Plugins/Runtime/Steam/SteamVR/Content/.uasset’
LogPackageUtilities: Searching using wildcard: '…/…/…/Engine/Content/
LogPackageUtilities: Searching using wildcard: ‘D:/Unreal Projects/MoleTroubleMBL/Content/.umap’
LogPackageUtilities: Searching using wildcard: '…/…/…/Engine/Plugins/2D/Paper2D/Content/
LogPackageUtilities: Searching using wildcard: ‘…/…/…/Engine/Plugins/Runtime/Oculus/OculusVR/Content/.umap’
LogPackageUtilities: Searching using wildcard: '…/…/…/Engine/Plugins/Runtime/Steam/SteamVR/Content/
LogCook: Display: Cooking /Engine/Tutorial/Foliage/Foliage_Intro_Tutorial → D:/Unreal Projects/MoleTroubleMBL/Saved/Cooked/Android_Multi/Engine/Content/Tutorial/Foliage/Foliage_Intro_Tutorial.uasset
LogSavePackage: Display: No exports found (or all exports are editor-only) for Foliage_Intro_Tutorial. Package will not be saved.

I already posted this question twice in answerhub, but it won’t appear in the new posts and says: The question is waiting approval by a moderator.