Android Packaging and ChunkDownloader Plugin


I’m currently working on an app that needs to download and mount optional chunks at runtime. To simplify, let’s say It’s a modelviewer where you select a model and its chunk is downloaded from a server and mounted at runtime, then displayed. I’ve been using ChunkDownloader for this purpose and have managed to deploy a succesful test project on Windows.

The issue is that when I try to adapt this to Android and package my project from File/Package Project/Android, I end up with an .apk and an .obb. The underlying problem here is that the .obb contains the .pak files that I wand to host remotely and fetch at runtime, but in this state the .obb is required in order for the app to work properly, which goes against my initial intent of these being “optional” content.

So, my question is :

Is there a way to either prevent an .obb from being built or to exclude chunks from packaging and package them separetly ?

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Here is a link to the same question I posted on AnswerHub, with a valid solution I’ve been given :