Android package

Hi I have downloaded the following the modules

And added the envirenemtn variables to (User Variable) as follows still

Set this to the directory where you installed the Android SDK or the sdk directory if you installed ADT.

It must contain a directory called platform-tools. 


Set this to where the JDK is installed. It will probably be called something like jdk1.6.0_24.

It must contain a directory called bin with javac.exe in it. 

But when i go to package the game its saying missing component.
Why UE4 doesn’t have a proper installation guide for the users. It would make it easy for users to focus on the development of games other than find the features how its working. Proper tutorial on features is a responsibility of unreal.


Just use NVidia’s Android package that comes with engine in \Engine\Extras\Android\tadp-2.0r8-windows.exe and pick elements which are listed there:

That installer will setup everything you need :slight_smile:

Maybe pick diffrent SDK version, best would be the one that you have in android device, if thats the one pick the older

I Get the these error when installing, I don’t know what to do now



Do i need an android device to install? can i install without plugin and android device?

I tried all the options and still installation fails with same errors.

No, build will generate apk… but how you gonna test your game on Android? On slow Google’s ARM emulator?

Also what plugin?

Maybe try different install location

The NVidia installer he tries sets environment variables automaticly

Well it set up on mine :stuck_out_tongue: hmmm maybe it has something to do with system premissions

Try and add the Env. variables to System Variables as well. Also, I wrote a step by step on setting up for Android (Amazon Fire TV to be specific), but it goes through each and every step of setting up setting up Unreal for Android deployment.

Go down to Computer Setup


When I installed it on 4 of my machines, I had to manually assign them still. Always got mixed results.

It very well may. I also had to place the Env. Variables in both system and user for unreal to recognize that everything was ok