Android package reduce size

I tried the Game packaging to android and I see the size package is a little big.
Is There any way to reduce it?
The project is “Tappy Chicken” and the size package is:
Android configuration: apk → 13mb and obb → 83mb
Android PVRTC configuration: apk → 13mb and obb → 15mb



Tappy chicken is actually a good candidate for packaging only the ETC1 texture format.

ETC1 is supported by all Android devices, so if you have a game that isn’t using a lot of alpha textures, you should try packaging only ETC1.

The downside to ETC1 is that textures with alpha don’t get compressed at all. But in the case of Tappy Chicken, it’s a good choice.

For games where ETC1 isn’t a great option, the Google store lets you have multiple versions of your download filtered by texture type. So you would package each of the formats on their own and upload them independently.

Will unreal 4 optimization the android package size in the future?
I tried to package a blank project for android with ship version. there is 50mb.
it is too big for a blank project. if I just want to make a flappy bird 2d game. every player just can accept


The reason this game for example is able to be < 1mb is because it is written in Java directly. If you wrote the game yourself in C++ using your own engine and bridged it to Java, you would likely be at 5mb+. Look at the output of some other engines that do this, most of them are in the 15mb+ range. Still I would agree 50mb as a baseline for UE4 is a little high though!

I am thinking about why unreal engine do not keep a very small base project for default. it can package a very small packaging. if we need more function. we can add module by myself. and unreal 4 engine can use some script to change the c++'s code direct to java or something.(there are some opensource for that)

this is the flappy bird apk by unity3d. the blank project is 6 mb. the package size is a biggest effect in market especially in some developing countries

I am not like unity3d. I want to make my game all use unreal engine. that is way I hope unreal engine team to face this problem. because I hope unreal engine can do more better and cool thing.

The main problem is that Unreal use C++ code for their engine, and when deploing to apk, it creates file, which weight is about 100Mb. I guess that the code for android should use java libs for 3D, not C++, because android devices already contain java libs, So then your game will weight just 2mb not 102mb. Unreal made a little tricky by creating C++ lib and now you can use it on every device, but you app need to contain all unreal engine libs, that is sad