Android Package "Error - Map does not exist"

So I no longer get the “invalid URL” travel failures but now I get “Map does not exist” travel failures. The solution I had the last time seems to no longer work. I haven’t changed anything relating to how the maps load so I don’t get it but here’s the log:

As per a previous post - no I am NOT cooking individual maps. Ever since I corrected the links, I haven’t needed to. Then suddenly…it fails weeks later. I do a full rebuild when packaging so it shouldn’t be bad memory or stale files.

Now I will say that yes so far “cooking” does seem to fix it. The problem is, I didn’t need to for the last two weeks. It had been loading and running the maps packaged to android without any “cook all” or “cook maps” added. That means that “cooking” is just a workaround to a different problem and will likely stop working as a solution in the future. As a programmer when something suddenly works or stops working for no apparent reason, I think memory leaks. But I didn’t write the engine so…anyone else have an idea?