Android package empty app_id

I’m trying to use Google Play services in my game. Following this instruction, i’ve created app in google console. Here are my settings for UE project:

Without first check box i receive nothing. But with in app crashes on launch on android device. Following can be found in Logcat:

hope i’ts not because of XPosed framework). I’ve unpacked .apk with apktool. Here is /res/values/strings.xml content:

@string/app_id referenced by AndroidManifest.xml is empty!
What am i doing wrong ?

Hi styanton,

Check your project’s Build/Android/res/values/GooglePlayAppID.xml; this is where the value is stored. When you click to configure Google Play Services the first time this file is created. Changing the Games App ID setting should update it. You should see it say:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	<string name="app_id">99143124*[blanked out numbers]*</string>

I just tested it and it updates the file for me properly; maybe your file was read-only (from using source control) and didn’t get updated? This file gets copied to Intermediate/Android/APK/res/values for packaging or launch to process during generation of the APK.

GooglePlayAppID.xml is empty even after reconfiguring for Android and Google Play (delete all in /build dir, then press “configure” buttons in project settings). Manual ID insert and build solves problem.

Thanks for this, it fixed my app not launching on device