Android package cooking takes too long?

Hello everyone. I have little project that have only 4 meshes, 4 textures, 3 materials and 3 material instances(of one material), also i have landscape and few blueprints. I tried to package this project in apk yesterday, and cooking process takes more than 5 hours(i say more because after 5 hours of waiting for packaging, i shut down my pc and fall sleep).
All unneeded plugins disabled just after project creation.
I have old PC(core2duo 3GHz, 6GB RAM, NVIDIA GTS250). This is normal that cooking process tooks so long, or I doing something wrong?
There is link to my project Dropbox - File Deleted
I tried to package android multi.


I tried to package your project. The process took about five minutes without errors.

I am not sure that is main problem, but 6 GB RAM is a lower than minimum that required in specification.

Hm. Thanks for your testing. Seems I need to find better PC for building.